Member Stories: Tovana Traylor

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Tovana Traylor works for the tech startup BuildZoom by day and blogs by night. She uses her fashion blog to share her unique style along with motivating perspectives about life, relationships and faith. Read on ti discover how she finds balance with her blog and her job, what she’s learned from failure & more.

What practices do you put into place to be most productive?

I have to have a schedule in order to be productive. If not I find myself spending countless hours wandering about social media. I also surround myself with individuals who are self-motivators and proactive about accomplishing the goals that they have set for themselves. This pushes me to do the same with my time. 

What tools in your work (digital or otherwise) do you find the most useful?

I love a good journal or planner to keep me aligned. I am a visual learner, so me writing events and tasks down and seeing them is the perfect tool to help propel me forward. I love all things digital, but nothing beats a good pen and paper to just jot your thoughts down. It may seem old-school but it is one of my go-to tools. 

Can you think of a failure you've experienced and what you learned from it?

Yes, last year I was doing very poorly at my job because I was stuck in a phase of “not being where I wanted to be.” This in turn lead to me not giving my all at my 9-5 or if I’m being honest in any area of my life. I had to have a rough conversation with one of my managers because as much as I thought that I was getting by on giving 50 percent, the company noticed. After this meeting I realized I had to shift my thinking and give my all regardless of the task before me. I learned to focus on the positives of life instead of the negatives because doing the opposite will only hold you back and slow you down from reaching the full potential that you have.  

What is your favorite book and/or podcast at the moment?

Podcast: "Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations" — It's so insightful and inspiring to hear other people’s stories, and also who doesn’t love Oprah? 

Have there been any hindrances to your work that The Treasury has solved for you?

Yes, I now have a place to go to after work to focus on my blog and upcoming events. Of course I could go home and do so, but most times once I get through my front door I just want to lay down and relax. The Treasury is a place that encourages productivity, and when I’m in there I just feel inspired to work on the countless ideas that I have in my head.