Member Stories: Antigone LoVoi

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Antigone LoVoi is a social media consultant and blogger who helps women stay informed and inspired. After experiencing massive success with her blog, See by Antigone, she started consulting other small business owners to help them grow their presence on social media. (Hint: She's currently accepting new clients). Below she shares a little about her business and how she uses The Treasury to be successful in her work. 

Did you always know you wanted to work for yourself?

I always knew I wanted to someday but I wasn't sure it would happen when I was so young. I'm really independent and I thrive working for myself so it's worked out really well.

Who do you need to surround yourself with to be your best self?

My girlfriends. They're all killing it in different fields so they're always inspiring me to reach for more and push myself. I like to spend time with women who are really driven and like to do their own thing because that's me, too. I went to American University in D.C. so my friends come from all over the map and it's nice to have that outside perspective. 

What are your favorite tools to get your job done?

Coffee is the first thing that comes to mind. For me, it's also really important just to have the best technology. My laptop and my phone are everything. To get inspired, Pinterest is a great tool. Any source of inspiration is really important to just strike new ideas myself. I also really enjoy Facebook groups with other bloggers so we can exchange ideas. 

A couple apps that are really helpful to keep me organized are Calendly and Planoly. Calendly changed my life because I'm not a details person and it helps me schedule everything. Planoly is essential in managing my social posts. 

What are your favorite books or podcasts?

"Mandela's Way" by Richard Stengel and "Chasing Cool" by Noah Kerner are a couple favorite books. My favorite podcast right now is "How I Built This."

What do you do when you don't feel inspired to work?

I'm big on planning, so pulling out my planner and looking again at my goals is really helpful. If I can do something to remind myself of my purpose and mission and then tie daily tasks back to that, it's great for me. 

Has The Treasury helped solve any problems for you in your work?

It encourages me and allows me to get out of my house. A lot of times I love working at home but it gets to a point of feeling really cooped up and like I'm not motivated. I feel really productive here and there are way fewer distractions.