The Treasury is a membership club for driven women. We offer coworking memberships for locals who need a place to office and want to be inspired by our diverse, smart community.

Our Story

My name is Hannah Schmitt and I own The Treasury with my husband, Brian. We opened this space to fill a need for local women.

Working from home as a magazine editor for the past four years, I saw myself and my peers needing a space where we could be productive and take care of daily business tasks, without splurging on a private office.

I loved the freedom of working from my dining table or coffee shop, but I longed for a professional place to host meetings, get mail, print – and maybe even bounce ideas off other humans every now and then. So Brian and I set out to build that: a haven where you can knock out your to-do list without the distraction of a sink full of dishes, where you can make a client a cup of coffee for a meeting in a quiet conference room, and most importantly, where you can build meaningful relationships with other amazing local women. 


Our Values

We eliminate distractions. Your dining table is begging to be used for dinner again. We give our members the quiet, light-filled space away from the distraction of dirty dishes and doorbells to start knocking out their to-do lists.

Being busy is not a badge of honor. Of course there will be seasons of life that feel hectic, but we believe working smarter, setting boundaries and taking care of yourself make for the best work.

We feed your curiosity. Picking your coworkers means rubbing shoulders every day with amazing people you may not have a chance to meet otherwise and learning about interesting fields and industries.

We support families. We believe women are a vital element to families and when they’re supported, everyone wins. Helping women be productive and encouraged at work can strengthen the whole family unit.

We believe in relationships. We are more than just a place to work. Our members are surrounded by others who give insightful feedback and great advice.

We love Mondays. When you set boundaries, it’s easier to get motivated for Monday morning. Using the weekend to do things that renew and restore you make for a more productive week.

We believe “feminist” has become a bad word. Being pro-woman doesn’t make us anti-man. We believe humans are interdependent and it’s our desire to see our members thrive with support from both men and women in their lives.